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What is Angular Nation?


Angular Nation is a free, private community for Angular developers.
Beginners and Introverts are always welcome here! 🥰

🥺 Are you tired of doom scrolling but still interested in Angular updates?
🧐 Have you outgrown video tutorials and need something more interactive?
😢 Do you miss conference camaraderie and hallway track networking?
🥰 You've come to the right place! 

At Angular Nation, we:

🕸 Network      ✨ Collaborate      ☝️ Ask Questions      
🤔 Learn     💡 Get inspired      😜 Have fun

Angular Nation includes:

  • Live Q&A Panels with the Angular team and other open source experts 
  • Fun Friday Social almost every Friday, everyone's invited (free!)
  • Activity Feed where we share articles and updates, or ask questions and discuss, with topic hashtags so you can find exactly what you're looking for quickly
  • Smaller breakout rooms called Spaces where we can gather and chat in smaller groups. Be sure to check out our free community led Spaces,  where you'll find super friendly local hosts in each channel with tech talks and open discussions (also free!)
  • Beginner courses written by Angular GDEs and experts such as:

Okay but how are you making money? 🤔

Great question! There are a few ways we earn revenue. 

  • First, we host Premium Expert Live Events where you can turn your cameras on and chat live with your favorite experts. 
  • Second, we offer Premium Angular Training which you can learn more about below, including live Office Hours with your GDE Instructor! 
  • Third, we are funded by our kind Patreon supporters and our beloved corporate sponsor, AG-Grid. ❤️

The sponsorship from AG-Grid allows us to offer sliding scale discounts and even full scholarships for Premium Angular Architect Training to students from under represented groups. If you'd like to apply for this help, you can fill out the form at the bottom of this page. You should also join our community, there are many free channels you can participate in to start getting to know everyone! 🤗

AG-Grid also helps us by supporting our free community channels. These channels usually meet every other week and they're hosted by awesome people from each region. You can see a tech talk, give a tech talk, ask questions, and network with other developers in your time zone. All of these community channels are free, big thanks to our community hosts and our friends at AG-Grid! ❤️

Angular Architect Training (6 Weeks)


This course offers a high level overview of enterprise level best practices for architects. Each week will start with a one hour pre-recorded content session (plus tons of extra optional resources) and end with LIVE office hours with Bonnie where you can ask questions and listen in on questions asked by other students. This course contains important guidelines for team leads and architects so if you're leading a large team, you won't want to miss this. If you're not leading a team yet, that's okay! If you're a senior developer or even an Angular beginner, you will also benefit from these guidelines and you should have no problem following along. 

Next group starts January 2023! 🥳

What if you can't afford Premium Training? 😢

With help from our friends at AG-Grid, we offer discounts and scholarships for students and under represented groups. If you'd like to apply for a discount or scholarship, please fill out this form and we will reach out to you. We have a bit of a waiting list but we also have some amazing success stories! We've even had prior scholarship recipients return to sponsor others, how cool are they?! If you'd like to sponsor a scholarship student from our list, please reach out! 🥰

How do I join? 

Easy! Just scroll up and click "Request to Join"! 🥳 

Your request to join will be approved by a real person so it usually takes a few minutes or a few hours depending on the time zone. If you don't receive your invitation within 24 hours, please check your spam folder and/or email us at [email protected] so we can investigate! #YouCanSitWithUs 🤗